Tyre Collection, Recycling & Disposal | Lincs Tyre Collections
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Lincolnshire’s Waste Tyre Disposal Specialists


Tyre Collection

We specialise in the professional collection of scrap and used tyres from companies needing to dispose of all scrap and used car, truck and agricultural tyres nationwide across the UK.


Tyre Recycling

The most environmentally friendly way to deal with scrap and used tyres is to upcycle them by producing rubber crumb which is used to make several products including playground surfaces.


Tyre Disposal

Lincolnshire Tyre Collections specialise in providing a fast yet responsible, waste tyre disposal service and then have them recycled in the most environmentally friendly way.


Tyres Recycled

All of the tyres we collect are recycled. Not one gets missed, meaning that 100% of our stock is recycling lowering the impact on the environment and making up-cycling key.


Cost For A Collection

With no two jobs the same, everything needs pricing individually. However we do offer exceptional rates and ensure that we will collect on time and on budget every time.


Maximum Fine

With the maximum fines being set at £95,000 for an individual or a staggering £3m for companies caught fly tipping, it’s essential to let LTC do the job properly for you.

We take every type of tyre and have collections across the whole of the UK throughout the week, so book a collection time that suits you.